Silvered Cat


I wish I had enough courage to complain about the weather, but my soul is melting.

At least, and unlike what I thought, my silver jacket (if you have a name for it, I will take it, because I swear I have no idea what type of garment it is!) didn’t attract the sun THAT MUCH.

I had a real crush on the jacket. It reminds me of the old silver space suits…or of aluminium (which tastes very weird if you have never eaten some by mistake,or not, I don’t know, you’re free to eat whatever you want but I assume it’s not very healthy).

And as you will see below, my cap has CAT EARS, I don’t know how can someone not like it seriously???

Anyway, I hope you like the look, and remember to drink water and brush your teeth.







Cap : H&M – Similar but way more expensive

Top : H&M

Shorts : H&M – Similar

Jacket : Monki – Similar

Shoes : New Balance


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