The start of a beginning


OKAY here I start, with the most unoriginal title I could write (or could I do even worse in the following weeks/months???)

This is my first post on this blog, and I wanted to introduce you to a chilled outfit that didn’t cost me as much, as the sales assistant randomly shouted ‘Happy Hour!’ a few minutes after my friends and I got into the shop and we had everything half-price. That’s where I got my whatever-it-is-called-trousers. It’s supposed to be for ladies, but you know, I still don’t get the point of putting labels on clothes.

Since that day, I wander aimlessly along shops, hoping it will happen again.

(and I hope you will enjoy the outfit even if it’s far from being the most extravagant one on Earth, I like it!)


Capture dÔÇÖ+®cran 2017-03-26 +á 19.25.38






Denim Jacket : Vintage – Similar
T-Shirt : Pull&Bear
Trousers : Vintage
Cap : Tilt Vintage
Socks : H&M
Shoes : H&M




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